Liechtenstein Red Cross Takes Notice

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When I think of the first time I met Georg Beck from Liechtenstein in the office at IMPAKTaid, I remember a kind gentle man who proudly explained to us about the country that was his home. Little did I know that this compassionate man would help us so selflessly keep our program alive. Through Georg’s belief in what we are doing and his endless kind-heart the Liechtenstein Red Cross became aware of our efforts.

Today is the start of a month sponsored by the kind people of Liechtenstein. The President of the Liechtenstein Red Cross, H.S.H. Princess Marie of Liechtenstein has kindly donated funds to our program in order to help support the women and their work.

My only way of explaining to the women in our program who was so generously helping them was to carry a world map with me and show them the country of Liechtenstein. I think they were amazed that a country that seemed smaller than their own would be able to help them and reach so far across the world to touch their lives.

With 137 women working through the program our weekly remunerations and the costs of supplies for their products are getting to be quite substantial.

I only wish the people of Liechtenstein could all be here this month to see the faces of gratitude and relief in knowing that they will be able to take care of themselves and their children.

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