Memorable Phone Call

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Today another one of those “memorable moments” happened and once again my belief in this program was renewed and fortified.

I have written in the past about Renuka, one of the ladies in our program that was found by one of our volunteers two years ago, living under a piece of plastic by the river with her infant son while her two daughter were in the custody of an orphanage simply because she had no way to earn a living.

I have conveyed how this program has assisted her in finding a place to live and having her daughters brought home to her, where they truly belong.

When my cellular phone rang at 1:15 today, I looked at the cellular number calling me and realized I had never seen that number before. The voice on the other end of the line confirmed every statement I have ever made that this program is needed and can succeed. The voice warmed my heart, filled me with immense pride and brought tears to my eyes…

“Hello Madam,” the gentle voice said.

“This is Renuka.”

“I buy phone, I call you, I thanking you my life.”

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