Made for Women by Women to Help Women.

Work for Widows is the first jewelry line that will be sold not only to support the artisans of the program but also to support charities who empower widows and vulnerable women globally.

Supports Their Talents

Work For Widows supports the talents of widowed and vulnerable women in developing nations and completes the circle of support by assisting widows and women's charities globally a funding opportunity. It is the perfect circle of women helping women, with energy flowing from the artisan communities in Haiti and Sri Lanka, through organizations and groups approved to become a part of the circle, to share in the profits that will support programs for widows and vulnerable women everywhere.

Everything Counts

For the first time, buyer will be able to support women twice with one purchase, helping women thrive around the world and close to home. To be eligible to apply you need to have your organization’s contact information and address, charitable or not for profit registration number and a description of the work your organization does for women in need.


When you become a Work For Widows approved charitable partner, you will be:

Given a dedicated link that you can send to your supporters for the website store.
Able to order a ‘Silent Auction in a Box’ for your fundraising events which feature exclusive pieces not available on the Work For Widows website. The box comes as a complete auction package inclusive of bid sheets with descriptions of each piece, Work For Widows pens and jewelry displays for each item.

Programs for Widows and Vulnerable Women

Perfect circle of women

Join The Circle

If your group or organization supports widowed or vulnerable women