Work For Widows

What is Work for Widows?

Work for Widows is a livelihood project in rural Sri Lanka. Currently 130 widows of the tsunami of December 26th, 2004 are able to support themselves and have their children attend school by creating beautiful and unique jewellery.

Who are the IMPAKTaid Society of Canada?

We are a registered non-profit organization located in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and governed by a Board of Directors which include Pam and Jerry Porodo, founders of the IMPAKTaid Trust in Sri Lanka which operates the Work for Widows Project there.

Who are the IMPAKTaid Trust in Sri Lanka?

This is the Registered non-governmental organization, founded by Pam and Gerry Porodo. The organization operates the Work for Widows project and does other relief work. In the past it has received funding from the Government of Canada and Switzerland. A copy of audited financial statements are available on request. It reports to the government of Sri Lanka annually. This is the organization the widows work for producing the beautiful jewellery.

How does the IMPAKTaid Society of Canada work?

We buy the jewelry from the IMPAKTaid Trust in Sri Lanka and sell it on the Web (, on a limited wholesale basis, at large public events such as craft fairs, and through our Ambassador Program. Other than a web site, we do not advertise. Our connections are made through personal contact and public speaking engagements.

What are the costs of the IMPAKTaid Society of Canada?

We are new so we cannot yet provide financial statements, however we currently operate entirely on a volunteer basis. Our main costs are the purchase of the jewelry from Sri Lanka, printed materials, packaging materials, and shipping costs.

What happens to any additional money the Society may have after selling the jewelry and fundraising?

Any additional money we may have will be used for one of two things A) it will be sent to Sri Lanka to help support/expand the Work for Widows Project; or B) we are accumulating funds for the purpose of starting another livelihood project in Haiti with a possible start date of late 2017.

All of the jewelry items are different; can I order more of a certain piece?

The number of copies of a certain piece of jewelry which are made depends upon the supply of beads and materials which are on hand in Sri Lanka. Beads and other materials are purchased in bulk primarily from Bangkok and Hong Kong, while local materials such as coconuts shells and seeds that are prepared by the widows. You may call or email us with the product number of the piece you would like more of, however we cannot promise to have any more on hand.

Is the IMPAKTaid Society of Canada a registered charity?

We are Canadian Registered Charitable Organization. Registration Number: 842984650RR0001

If you have any other questions, please send us an email at