Work For Widows – Common Questions and Answers:

What is Work for Widows?

The Work For Widows program started on January 17th, 2005. Since the inception of the program, it has provided over 185 vulnerable and widowed women with a sustainable livelihood that is earned at home while caring for their children. The program is driven by the belief that if we empower a mother, she will empower her children and help to lead them out of poverty.  Work For Widows is the first accessories line that supports the artisans of the program and charities who empower widows and vulnerable women globally. 

Who are the IMPAKTaid?

IMPAKTaid, is the ad hoc organization created by volunteers and survivors of the 2004 Tsunami. The dedicated teams ran emergency aid and numerous other programs to support and care for the vulnerable Sri Lankan population effected by the December 26th, 2004 disaster. IMPAKTaid became a registered charity in Canada on January 1st, 2013 and is now known as The Impakt Aid Society of Canada. We are governed by a Board of Directors located in Ontario and Nova Scotia, which includes Pamela and Jerry Porodo, the founders of IMPAKTaid.  IMPAKTaid continues to operate the Work For Widows program in Sri Lanka and has completed assessments for further program locations in the global south.  

Is the IMPAKTaid Society of Canada a registered charity?

We are Canadian Registered Charitable Organization. Registration Number: 842984650RR0001

What is the Global Empowerment Circle?

For over a decade, Work For Widows has been assisting widowed and abandoned women through a women’s artisan livelihood program. Work For Widows intends to expand their operations to other developing nations, through the creation of the Widows Global Support Platform. This platform will focus on increasing international artisan livelihood programs in the global south and create a revenue engine for Canadian and U.S. organizations in the global north, dedicated to the empowerment of widowed and vulnerable women. 

How does the Global Women’s Empowerment Circle work?

Work For Widows supports the talents of widowed and vulnerable women in developing nations and completes the circle of support by assisting widows and vulnerable women’s charities globally through a unique funding opportunity. It is the perfect circle of women helping women, with energy flowing from the artisan communities in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka, through organizations and groups approved to become a part of the circle, who share in the profits that will support programs for widows and vulnerable women everywhere. For the first time, buyer will be able to support women twice with one purchase, helping women thrive around the world and close to home. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions, please send us an email at: