Work For Widows is a charitable program

Supported by The IMPAKTaid Society of Canada and The IMPAKTaid Trust in Sri Lanka.

Work For Widows is built on a foundation of sustainable livelihoods for abandoned and widowed women in Sri Lanka with the vision of introducing the program to other developing nations.

Work For Widows is designed to ensure that impoverished widowed or abandoned women have the opportunity to earn a living while working from home and caring for their children. It is our true belief that the only way to eliminate the children’s inherited poverty is to educate them.

Without a means to support themselves and their children, women may be forced into begging on the streets, giving up their parental rights and placing their children in state orphanages, prostitution or in the worst case, selling one of their children to a pedophile in order to feed the others.

The Work For Widows committed team, supplies the women in the program with the materials they need to make their products, the training they require and the marketplace to sell their products in.

We strive to ensure that all the women in our program earn far above the poverty level that has become an acceptable earning cap in developing nations.

The products are shipped to Canada and sold through our dedicated Ambassadors and through our recently introduced on-line shopping site.

The proceeds from the sale of the products go directly back to Sri Lanka to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Help Us, Help Them, Help Themselves.

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