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  • Gift of Hope

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    Give a gift that also gives a widow and her children a gift of hope.

    Give your loved one, friend or colleague a Gift of Hope gift card and let them decide how they want to change the world.

  • Give Her a New Future Today


    Help a woman join the program through training.

    With this one time donation you can give a widowed or abandoned woman, 3 months of above average training salary and all the necessary supplies and equipment to begin a new life.

  • Sponsor a Woman Today

    From: $22.68 / month

    Give a widow and her children hope for the future.

    Provide support for a widowed woman and her children to live with access to vital necessities, healthcare and education.

    When you decide to invest in the life of a widowed woman, you have the chance to participate in a transformation story.

    Your sponsorship includes a monthly commitment ranging from:

    • $30
    • $50
    • $100