I truly believe that this week will be remembered for one thing…. Weight allowances.

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Journal – May 11, 2006

Jerry flew to Bangkok with me on tickets that we had bought in a raffle in 2004. Sri Lankan airlines were kind enough to still honor this prize and we were off to shop for beads for the ladies.

My usual bead shopping is in Mumbai but people had informed us that the markets in Bangkok are very diverse and extremely good for prices and so with great anticipation we hit the trail in search of Champagne market. The lanes were dark and dirty as we made our way around looking for the best deal and finally all the pieces started to fall into place. Colors and selection were everywhere and I could imagine all the beautiful pieces that our ladies could make.

Packages and arrangements for delivery to the hotel were made and we made our way back to begin packing cases and getting ready to head home with 146 kilos of materials. Today, Wick and Lal headed out for the run to do deliveries, collections and salaries and I watched as they packed the van knowing that the women will be waiting in the villages for their new assignment for the week. I know they will all smile as they receive their pay and will also watch with great concentration as the new design is explained. It is amazing how a trip through the market and a few hours of organization can create a program with such hope and success. If only weight allowances were higher!

Pam Porodo

Pam Porodo


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