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The need for a global widow’s support network is growing in public opinion due the emergent knowledge that prejudice against widows plays out in different ways all over the world.

In connection with International Widows Day on June 23rd, CNN spotlighted the cases of seven widows, ranging from a woman in Nepal to a widow in India to the spouse of a U.S. serviceman killed 12 years ago in Iraq. Their stories varied, but they faced the same plight: difficulties with grief and loneliness, forms of ostracism, financial struggles, and hopelessness. For many women, becoming a widow does not just mean the heartache of losing a husband, but often losing everything else as well.

With your purchase, you have joined the circle of widowed women helping others to succeed.  You are supporting widowed and abandoned women around the world and close to home.

Our women artisans in disadvantaged communities in the global south initiate the circle of empowerment through crafting beautiful hand-made collections. This gives them the opportunity to economically thrive and flourish knowing that their work is being sold by charities to improve the lives of other widowed women.

As women flourish, the possibilities expand.  As more charitable organizations supporting widows come on board to sell the jewelry, the more widowed artisans can be empowered to make the jewelry.

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