There is a negative connotation when stating that someone is doing things “like a girl”. You run like a girl, you throw like a girl, you fight like a girl and the like. This comes from the antiquated belittlement of women around the world. It basically means that if you do things the way a woman does them you are doing them poorly or wrongly. 

But today we are here to reframe that belief, because doing things like a girl means something else entirely when you see the actual facts of what women can do.

Study “Like a girl”

We might still be working on that wage gap (and trust us, we’ll keep fighting for equality as long as we live), but a 2014 study from the White House Council of Economic Advisers reported that more women are more likely to graduate college and attend graduate school than men.

study like a girl

Communicate “Like a girl” 

Most women enjoy communicating because it forms relationships. We enjoy speaking and entertaining our friends because it makes us feel closer to each other. On the other hand, men may not enjoy communicating as much, hence they communicate only when it’s needed.

When women communicate, we’re able to connect with people and their stories. We communicate because we care. Sometimes, men communicate to compete, so they tend to miss out on cues and chances to form a relationship. Women are constantly keeping in touch with those whom they communicate with, like via texting and social media. Women may not always get exactly straight to the point, we go straight to your heart.

communicate like a girl

Communication isn’t just about talking – it includes nonverbal cues, reading emotions and effective listening. Women tend to excel at all of these, according to science.

Endure “Like a girl”

In general, women have a greater distribution of slow-twitch muscle fibers, said Dr Nicholas Tiller, a senior lecturer in applied physiology at Sheffield Hallam University. These muscle fibers are more resistant to fatigue and more suited to endurance.

He said that men still tended to have bigger muscles and greater maximal capacities like strength and aerobic power, which is why women generally can’t compete with men over shorter distances like a marathon.

Dr Meijen said research she had conducted alongside Paul Anstiss and Professor Samuele Marcora from the University of Kent found that some female endurance athletes mentioned previous experiences such as childbirth helped them during races.

“Some female participants said events such as childbirth had helped them to deal with the pain and meant they had more belief in themselves so that they could push through the pain,” Dr Meijen said. “When you think about ultra-endurance, it is a very painful experience.”

endure like a girl

Solve Problems “Like a girl”

A study performed by Harvard in 2001, it was shown that, although the woman’s brain is slightly smaller in mass, their neurons are packed more tightly allowing for quicker decision making and multi-tasking. More importantly; it showed that the part of the brain that is responsible for problem-solving and decision-making, called the frontal lobe, is actually larger in women. This, augmented with the fact that women can tap more readily into the right side of the brain, which is responsible for the creative thinking process, makes them juggernauts in my book for effective and efficient problem-solving.

Also, keep in mind that women are more often open to communication and discussion than their male counterparts. This means that they usually talk through the problem and about the problem to others, discussing the situation in detail, and how it could be solved. After all, the means to the solution is oftentimes as important as the solution itself.

think like a girl

Our intention is not to prove that one gender is better than the other but we do want to abolish the belief that “doing things like a woman or like a girl” means you are doing things poorly, because that just isn’t true.


Pam Porodo

Pam Porodo

CEO & Founder at The Impakt Aid Trust

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