Our Second Anniversary

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Today marks the second anniversary
of the inception of the Work For Widows program.
Two years ago, we had 1 women involved in our program.
Today, 155 women and 397 children rely on us for their survival.
Two years ago, we bought our first packet of beads.
Today, we pack over 100 packets of beads each week.
Two years ago, we began training in a camp in Moratuwa.
Today, we still train women in the camps
spread over 100 kilometers around the island.
Two years ago, these women looked at us as if we were their hope for survival.
Today, they still have the same look on their faces.
Two years ago, we worried that we would be able to make this program work.
Today, we know it works but worry that without funding
we will not be able to continue.
Two years ago, we worried about their future,
Today, we still do.

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