Journal – Feb 13, 2006.

One day before the celebrated day of love, I sit and write with continued hope for the women of Sri Lanka. This week has had many challenges and numerous hurdles to climb. Our run this week was a success as the women in Matara have produced some wonderful pieces of jewelry and the women in Hikkadewa are getting better every day with their embroidery skills. The women in Galle projects 1, 2 and 3 are learning to sew handbags now that the tents are all finished but I worry if there is a market for them.

Funding is drying up as people have moved on a year after the disaster and there is little thought as to the horrific conditions these lovely people still live in. Our objective is to make the Work for Widows project self-sufficient so that the livelihoods of these ladies can continue.

There was good news from our trusted and dedicated volunteer Kumi, in England. In two hours she sold all of the tent bags,13 she took with her and the majority of the jewelry. This has truly given us hope that the project will work. This week, I will have to make a run to India to buy jewelry beads and finishings as there are very few items available on the island but our purchases this time will be reduced due to the Tissamaharama ladies producing many beautiful accessories from coconut. We continue to look for items here that can be used or made into usable accessories but each idea comes with a new challenge. With each new product manufactured, we must supply the ladies with the equipment needed to make them and the training to do so.

So, Happy Valentines Day to all who read this! Please remember; the saint of tomorrow needs to be shared with many to truly achieve the full meaning of love.

Pam Porodo

Pam Porodo

CEO & Founder at The Impakt Aid Trust

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