The “International Ambassador” of the Work For Widows

On August 21st 2007 I was introduced to the ‘ Work For Widows’ project while in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia .

Very sincerely, within moments, I knew must do something, anything in order to help them, help themselves! I began to feel the heart of compassion growing within me: one beaded item at a time… one widow at a time.

As I looked at the photo of each dear widow who had created each special item, I read each little story,
“By purchasing this item you help me rebuild my life after the devastation of the tsunami.”
“By purchasing this product you help me feed myself and my children.”
“By purchasing this product you help me work to survive…”
Their words were so simple and yet so beautifully profound. The tears began to well up in my eyes.
I was ashamed to consider how long it had been since I had even remembered that tragedy…
I was astounded to consider that I might be able to help these ladies, a world away…
I would be forever grateful to discover Pamela and Jerry felt I could help them!
As I began to ponder my new role as their newly appointed “international ambassador”
I must admit to feeling rather overwhelmed and very much unprepared.
As I was quickly booked to do newspaper interviews, TV and radio spots and community awareness events, I was absolutely sure I really could help them, help themselves! As much as I was excited about the doors opening and opportunities beginning to present themselves though, I was also feeling good bit of anxiety
as I wondered how I could possibly represent the whole story and share this worthwhile cause
with it’s amazing stories of ‘hope received’…‘lives changed’…  and our dream of ‘futures secured’…
Many parallels between my story and those of these wonderful women came to my mind…
I too had been a single mother – suddenly homeless and feeling no hope for my future.
I too had felt I had no marketable skills and had completely given up my ‘creativity’.
Ironically as I wrote what I thought of as ‘my jingle’  – it never dawned on me that one day in my future –
I’d be dedicating ‘my song’ to the most important humanitarian cause I know of and the widows of WFW!

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