Honoring Patricia Granger

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This was a sad week for the work for widows program as one of my dearest friends and a true founder of IMPAKTaid and the Work for Widows program has left us. Patricia Granger, or Pat as we call her; has been called back to the world of the employed after 14 months of absolute unselfish giving.

Pat was with me the day we found our first widow in the Moratuwa camp and stood beside me as our program grew. Endless hours were given by this amazing woman, who shopped, organized, calculated, bargained, trained, translated, packaged, sold product and created a program that would ensure the widows of Sri Lanka a livelihood.

Without her, we would not be where we are today. We will miss her rough edge, her sharp words, her demand for excellence and most of all her kindness and her unconditional love.

Thank you Pat from me and every woman in the program you touched.

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