FAQ For Associated Organizations

Once you are an approved charity, you can order a “Auction in a Box” package without paying for the items in advance, once your event is has happen, you can submit the evenly shared proceeds of the items.

An “Auction in a Box” contains product exclusive to the auction program, none of the items in the auction box are on the website for sale. Each item is hand made and most are a one-of-a-kind or collection piece. There will be three pieces of jewelry and two accessory items like a beaded handbag or a Tsunami Tent Bag that is a true piece of history!

Each box also included auction bid sheets for each item with a description of the item, Work for Widows pens for each sheet and a jewelry bust for each jewelry auction item.

Work For Widows and the associated organization will share in the cost of shipping.

For promotional purposes, occasionally all shipping will be included in online personal purchases and for larger orders, the shipping will be included for online personal purchases over $75.00

The profit from an “Auction in a Box” or from the on-line personal purchases are divided equally between Work For Widows and your organization.

All sales and costs will be broken down on the monthly statement for orders associated with your organization.

Work For Widows is committed to protecting your supporters’ privacy. We ensure our activities in Canada and abroad – whether conducted face-to-face, online, by telephone or by mail – are governed by strict ethics and sound privacy practices. All purchases online are done through a SSL-encrypted secure site.

Other aspects of our privacy policy include:

All reasonable efforts will be taken to honour all information from an on-line shopper or   prospective shopper not to be contacted for future campaigns.

Any information from or about on-line shopper that is obtained by or on behalf of Work For Widows   is to be handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent allowed by law.

All members of the public, including all participating organizations on-line shopper and prospective on-line shopper, are held in confidence unless express consent is given in writing.

Due to the unique items that will be in the auction in a box, a preview of the items would not be possible.

Organizations not associated with Work For Widows cannot purchase any of the items in the “Auction in a Box” collections.

Simply send us an email with your questions to: admin@workforwidows.com
We will be pleased to respond to you within 24 hours.

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